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Academics » Pyramid Model - Positive Behavioral Support

Pyramid Model - Positive Behavioral Support

Our social skills curriculum, Second Step is part of our larger, program-wide system of positive behavior interventions and supports. We base our work on a Pyramid Model, starting with a premise that the base of the pyramid is an Effective Workforce – that’s our teachers, therapists, paraeducators, office staff… and you.


Tier One describes universal supports that are important for all children, every day: Nurturing and Responsive Relationships, and High-Quality Supportive Environments. Our staff members have been involved in specific professional learning overtime to ensure that these foundations are in place.


Tier Two involves Targeted Social-Emotional Supports, recognizing that even in effective settings, sometimes kids need specific supports to solve problems or practice skills. Children are encouraged to talk about the “solutions” he or she is being taught to use when they have a “problem.” These solutions come from the Pyramid Framework and are available at


Tier Three involves using a systematic approach to assessing persistent, challenging behaviors. Some children will need intensive supports and instruction in order to have positive interactions and participation in the classroom setting.